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About Kim

Kim is co-founder of Detour Theatre and a member of the Board of Trustees of the Detour Theatre Trust.

Originally trained by Act Theatre Company Kim is a past President of the 16th Avenue Theatre where she worked extensively as an actor and director. 

Since 2000 she has directed over 25 shows for Detour Theatre, six of which she also wrote. 

An accomplished actor, Kim has had a large number of lead roles in shows including Driving Miss Daisy, Steel Magnolias and Crazy Ladies.

As well as her work in theatre Kim has worked with local schools in running workshops and directing. 

Other community related work includes dramatic events for the Tauranga City Council, Tauranga City Libraries and Tauranga Historic Village.

Kim is a respected theatre tutor and has taught in Australia, Philippines, Fiji, Hong Kong and New Zealand.  


Directing Credits...


Shows Directed By Kim 

Allo Allo (16th Avenue Theatre) 

Biggles Fly's Undone (16th Avenue Theatre) 

Communicating Doors (16th Avenue Theatre) 

Last of the Summer Wine (16th Avenue Theatre) 

Shadowlands (Detour Theatre) 

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (Detour Theatre) 

A Christmas Pantomime (Detour Theatre) 

Joan of Arc (Detour Theatre) 

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (Detour Theatre) 

Corrie ten Boom (Detour Theatre) 

A Celebration of Hans Christian Andersen (Detour Theatre) 

The Diary of Anne Frank (Detour Theatre) 

Steel Magnolias (Detour Theatre) 

An Easter Story (Detour Theatre) 

Florence Nightingale (Detour Theatre) 

The Cemetery Club (Detour Theatre) 

Grimm Tales Crazy Ladies (Detour Theatre) 

Menopause Made Me Do It (Detour Theatre) 

Bugsy Malone (Bethlehem College) 

My Husbands Nuts (Detour Theatre) 

Leading Ladies (Detour Theatre) 

How To Train Your Husband (Detour Theatre) 

The Mousetrap (Detour Theatre) 

For Today (Bethlehem College) 

The Battle of Gate Pa (Bethlehem College)

Fawlty Towers 2 (Detour Theatre) 

Blackadder (Detour Theatre) 

Vicar of Dibley (Detour Theatre) 

Appointment With Death (Detour Theatre) 

Hayfever (Detour Theatre)

Vicar of Dibley 2 (Detour Theatre)

Steel Magnolias (Detour Theatre)

Twas the Fight Before Christmas (Detour Theatre)




Playwright Credits...

Shows Written By Kim 

Battle of Gate Pa 

A Christmas Pantomime 

Joan Of Arc 

Corrie ten Boom 

A Celebration of Hans Christian Andersen 

An Easter Story 

The Selfish Giant 

Florence Nightingale 

Treasure Island 

 Grimm Tales